Read Me!

Hello all, my name is Tiffany Prasifka, and I am a junior at Trinity University. I am currently a Communication major with a minor in both business administration and sociology. I am from Pasadena California and miss the perfect weather that happens all year around (or better yet, I miss the lack of humidity). I have moved three times in my life, from California to Texas and then back to California, and believe that due to moving I welcome new experiences and love going to new places. I have one sister who is five years older than me, and I also have a bird at home who, despite being weird at times, is adorable when it is not eating my face.

At Trinity I am involved in the drama department, primarily acting in Lab shows (student directed plays) and being involved in the Improv Group. We not only put on comedy shows through out the year but we also perform parodies of all mainstage productions, making fun of both the play’s content and the characters. While theater is my only extra curricular activity on campus, I hope to eventually do more.

It is impossible to look attractive 10,000 feet above the ground.

My other hobbies include photography (at which I am the lowest level amateur), hiking (which I do mostly at home since there is actual topography), writing (mostly short stories), and jumping out of airplanes since I recently went skydiving this summer.

I also enjoy a wide variety of music, from MTV’s top 10 to small indie bands to musical soundtracks. My favorite band at the moment is She and Him, and if you have not heard of them I highly suggest checking them out. I am pretty much open to anything and love meeting new people, so if you don’t know me, say hi! Or give me a head nod, acknowledging my existence. I deserve at least that much.

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