A Short Attempt at Self-Identification

Hello, all. My name is Clarissa Osburn, but most call me Claire. I am a junior at Trinity University, with a double major in English and Communications and a minor in Music. I sing in two choirs and am also a member of the AcaBellas, the female a cappella group on campus. Every Friday at 12:22 in Coates either the AcaBellas or the Trinitones sing vocal arrangements of popular music for eager passersby… you should check it out. It’s a good time. Sometimes we dance.

One time I went to China.

I was born and raised in a very small town in Oregon, minutes from the ocean. My family owned a one of those quaint, mom-and-pop grocery stores, and I grew up loving the hippie-artist culture of the beach life. When I was thirteen, my family moved to The Woodlands, Texas, and it was quite a culture shock, to say the least. Although I initially resented the flat, brownish landscape and suburban lifestyle, I have come to know and love Texas like a native. Though I will say, at this moment my hometown is a crisp 61 degrees. That, I truly miss.

Other than singing and reminiscing about Oregon, my hobbies include reading, writing, painting, sewing, and watching home decorating television. I get my news from public radio and Stephen Colbert, and I have a long-standing devotion to Garrison Keillor. I also enjoy the occasional game of Ultimate Frisbee.

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