Arrivals and Introductions

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. Come on in. (I’ve always wanted to start a piece of writing that way… dream: accomplished.) Anyway, I’m Jake Muncy, a Junior from Fort Worth, TX. I’m a declared English major who really needs to declare the rest of his degree plan, which will include a Creative Writing minor and either a Philosophy double major or minor. 

Hey, I can use alt-text!

In short, this is my future career.

So, um, I really am not a big fan of the whole talking-about-myself thing, so I’ll just add a few more things about myself, and then explain why I decided to take this class (It’ll also explain why I’m going to be that kid who talks a lot in class and seems way, way too happy to be there).

I really like video games, music (I’m particularly obsessed with the band The Mountain Goats– you can find one of their better songs here ), and wasting time on the computer. I’m a member of Reformed University Fellowship and the president of a new student organization, the Christian Forum for Arts and Media, an organization devoted to studying media and culture from a personally-relevant, spiritual perspective (ask me about it). Also, I’m really into parentheticals, if you hadn’t noticed.

So, why am I in this class? Well, first, for common curriculum purposes. That’s really the main reason. The second reason, and the aforementioned explanation for my behavior, is that one of the things English scholarship is interested in is literary criticism, an interpretative discipline that bleeds over into (and informs a lot of) media interpretation and criticism. So, in some ways, I consider this another one of my English classes, and we’ll be studying a lot of things that I find personally compelling. And I really dig my English classes.

So sorry if I talk too much. I get excited.





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