Hi, nice to meet you.

Okay, so here’s a little bit about me! My name is Krista Campolo and I’m from San Antonio, Texas. Which means this little city most visit for school and such, is and always will be my home sweet home! I chose this University for two reasons, it was close enough to home and far enough away….and I guess the amazing academics and construction free campus (when I visited) won me over too. I’m a sophomore and a business major here at Trinity University, with a concentration in marketing. I’m also planning on getting a minor or second major in Communication. I LOVE communication classes. They’re always the most interesting, in my opinion. I’m involved in greek life (Alpha Chi Lambda) and intend to thoroughly immerse myself in Trinity University this year by participating in Trinity idol, Spotlight, and Momentum. Gotta get that 42 thousand dollars worth.

One important thing you should know about me, if you know nothing else is that I love to dance. It’s sorta what I do. I danced in high school and my team took nationals two years in a row. We were pretty awesome…not gonna lie. I miss it so much, it kept you in shape, it was disciplined, and you had way too much fun practicing with the same girls at 7am everyday. You got close. I was on Trinity’s dance team and Loon-E crew last year, which was THE time of my life. I’m currently still on Loon-E crew and SO EXCITED for us to recruit new members. I want our name to be chanted on campus once again!

I also love to write. It’s not something I do religiously though, just something I have to be in the mood for, but when I sit down and write, I’m in a good mood. If I had the patience and the time, I’d write a book, or a series of really insightful excerpts. On another note, I believe I’m a relatively friendly person and easy to talk to. I have a bubbly personality and like being the life of the party. I enjoy making others laugh, even if it’s at a really really bad joke. I’m opinionated and talkative so I’m immensely pumped about this course. I took a media criticism course my freshman year of high school. Professor Delwiche is exactly correct, you will NEVER look at film the same once you’ve analyzed it to death. However, this is looking like it’s gonna be a fun class and this school year is looking to be awesome. I can tell.

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