Just incase you wanted to know…

Hi! I’m Tara Sparks, a Sophomore here at Trinity. I’m from McAllen, Texas, which is essentially as south as you can get. I was born in Austin, Texas, but only lived there for a few years before moving to McAllen. It’s a relatively small city and I went crazy my last few years of high school wanting to get out of there. Now that I am, I have a much greater appreciation for the place, not to mention it’s only an hour and a half from South Padre, and who wouldn’t love spending every weekend at the beach?

My best friend Kat (left), one of my cousins (middle), and me (right).

I’m studying Biology with the intention of becoming a PT or PA and I play on the Trinity University Women’s Soccer team. I’ve been playing soccer since I was three or four and my life would be very different without it. I like to be outdoors, no matter what it is that I’m doing. I love the sun and warm weather and although I want to visit a lot of places, I will probably live in Texas for the larger majority of my life. I have two brothers that I am really close to, and four girl cousins all around my age who make up for the fact that I don’t have sisters.

When I’m not out doing something active, I’m pretty laid back. I like to read and bake when I’m bored. My favorite animal is an elephant, and I want to do this in the near future. I love all music, but mostly Country music. My favorite book I read this summer was The Art of Racing In the Rain. If you’re a dog-lover, I definitely recommend it. I consider myself easy to get along with and would love to meet and get to know everyone a little bit better! Thanks for reading!

Tara Sparks

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