“Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming”

From Left to Right: My Aunt Beth, me, my cousin Annabeth, my twin Ana, and my mom Kathy

Hello everyone!  My name is Mary Price and I am a junior here at Trinity majoring in Economics and doing Pre-med.  I am from Springfield, Missouri, which is famous for two things (Click here and here to see what they are).  I was actually supposed to be abroad in Madrid, Spain this semester but early in August, I decided to start pre-med as a junior.

I have an older brother and a twin sister (weird side note, my mother is also an identical twin and that side of the family looks exactly alike.  You can see it in my picture here).  My sister and I are not like normal twins; we have wanted to be separate since we about ten, however we both ended up choosing to go to Trinity.  We are pretty separate here.  I am in Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity and she is in SPURS Sorority.  I am an Economics major doing Pre-med and she is a Political Science and Spanish major.  We both are supposed to be in Spain this semester but now since I am not going, we are going to be separate for the first time.

My biggest hobby is definitely swimming.  I am a member of the Trinity Women’s Swimming Team and that takes up a lot of my time.  We practice six days a week for two and a half to three hours a day and I love it.  I am pretty competitive and hard working and through swimming, I am able to push myself to do my best; which has paid off immensely.  Two of my teammates, my sister, and I won the 200 Individual Medley relay last year at conference.  That was definitely one of the most exciting things to have happened to me at Trinity.

My other big hobbies include reading, hanging out with my friends and playing with my two dogs (they are adorable).   I miss my family a lot but since my parents went to school in Texas and my Dad is from Houston, I get to see them a lot.  That is really it about me.  I hope to see you all around campus!


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A student at Trinity University
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