Me, quickly.

Hello all, my name is Stephen Bryden McClure. However, I prefer to be called by my middle name, Bryden. I’m a Junior English and Communication double major. I was born in Austin, but before I can remember my parents moved to small town Texas wanting a small town life for their soon to be 7 kids. I’m the very middle sibling. We looked a lot like this growing up. Later, I went to high school in Corpus Christi, TX.  (The given picture is of my youngest brother’s fist at my oldest sister’s graduation.)

I like them all: movies, books, music, art – unless it’s gross. The provided link is a clip from a film (The Tree of Life) I saw this summer in Manhattan which quickly bypassed a number of others and landed softly in my top 5. I spent the summer there helping little kids write and delivering falafel in Brooklyn and paying $15 dollars to see movies like the aforementioned. Right now I’m worried for the city. I don’t regularly watch any television shows but I’m looking for prospects, The Wire and Mad Men (thanks to The Carousel clip) are my top candidates. Let me know if you think I should watch others.

I try to stay fit for the most part (I was once a fairly talented athlete), now hiking and activities like racquetball, basketball, and boxing do it for me. Soon I’ll be diving into pools for course credit and staying fit this way, thanks Trinity. I like good music, too. I’m currently on a Cold War Kids binge. I’ve never been shy to turn the volume all the way up and put a song on repeat. You should give it a try with this one: Relief.

Pow! Me, quickly.

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