My Planner is My Autobiography

Hi everybody! My name is Brianna Garner and I’m a senior Urban Studies major from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Graduation in May is fast approaching, and I can only hope I am blessed with a beneficial opportunity besides working in a restaurant or moving back home with my parents. I plan to take a year to gain experience in the field before I go to grad school in Public Policy or Administration.

My life at Trinity has been well spent meeting amazing people and life long friends, gaining experiences in our TU bubble and outside, and spreading myself thin over too many organizations, clubs, and activities. The following list of my acitivities is not for bragging rights, it’s more so you can understand who I am as a crazy, overwhelmed human being!

    • Gamma Chi Delta
    • Urban Studs
    • Women’s Club Lacrosse
    • RUF Christian Fellowship
    • Trinitonian Ad Staff
    • Intern for the City of San Antonio: summer and fall, maybe spring
    • Part time work off campus, currently at a bar downtown

My other hobby: Traveling!

Surprisingly,  my subconscious love for marketing has come to use in most, if not all of these clubs and activities. This is my first Comm class, and I’m taking it “for fun” as they say, because I don’t need it for a requirement, just hours. I hope my future career has a mix of marketing and city planning, which recently I found is definitely possible. I’m very optimistic about my senior year, even if it’s the most stressful and busy! It’ll work itself out, right?

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