My World

This blog posting is probably gonna totally suck but here goes. My name is Richard Johnson and I was born in Houston, Texas. I’ve been going to St. John’s since I was in kindergarten until I was a senior. I’m now a Freshman at TU (obviously) looking for a business administration degree doubled with economics. I’m the fourth of six kids in my family, four boys and two girls.

The main thing that I love is sports. Playing, watching, fantasy leaguing, anything. I’ve played on the state team for volleyball for the past 4 years and last year we placed 21st at Nationals. I also play ultimate frisbee whenever I can and have played on the state level with a club team before. The ultimate team here is pretty good so everyone should come out to cheer when we play its actually pretty intense!

What else do I do…in my free time I mix music and DJ. Unfortunately I didn’t bring turntables but if y’all hear some beats being dropped from Beze underground come over and say hi. I mix mostly hip-hop and rap, basically anything that’s popular. I also do a little electronic remixes like dubstep but I prefer just making transitions from one song to the next.

I’m not sure if there’s anything else about me that is remotely interesting so I’ll leave y’all a picture from our senior spirit week (I don’t normally wear trashy purple polos)

Keepin' it classy

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