Summarizing Stephanie

Hi everyone,

My name is Stephanie Segovia, and i am from Buda,Texas, a small town outside of Austin. i am a freshman at trinity and am excited to see what the new school year has ahead for me. I will be playing on the Trinity Soccer team so i am nervous to see how i am going to be able to balance academics and athletics. I graduated from a 4A high school named Jack C. Hays High School. I graduated with about 450 other students so when looking for a college i wanted something small where i could get to know people.

I love to watch Pretty Little Liars, Jersey Shore, and Law and Order: SVU. Sometimes these shows can be a tad bit ridiculous, although they are still good most of the time so i continue to watch them. Other than playing soccer and doing school work i like to hangout with friends or go to movies. I am a huge fan of watching movies in the theater, at home they just aren’t the same.

I tend to come off shy and reserved at first, but once people get to know me i can be outgoing and funny. I am hoping that college will help me come out of my shell and get to know as many people as i can. I am so excited to get to know everyone in my class and hope this year can live up to the expectations that i have.

Me and My Best friend from high school at a football game

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