Venga Mexico!

Hi everyone!

My name is Brenda Merino and I go for Brenda or Barbie. As you can probably tell, I’m from Mexico City! It’s a city with lots of history and it used to be the biggest one in the world a few years ago. It’s huge and there is ALWAYS something to do. I really miss how almost all stores, restaurants, and cool places to go closed late at night compared to San Antonio. What I don’t miss for sure is the beautiful amount of traffic we have. I lived there for seventeen years and I absolutely LOVE my country, even when it can take up to three hours instead of forty minutes to get to the other side of the city.

My siblings stayed back in Mexico but my parents have been living in San Antonio for about three years now and they enjoy it. That’s one of the reasons why I choose Trinity, because it’s close to my parents and not that far away from home. One of my sisters majored in Graphic Design and studied at Parsons (that’s where I want to go for Graduate School). She is my inspiration and the one person who makes me want to double major in Studio Art and Communication. My sister really is the best sister in the whole world (I know everyone thinks that of their sister, but that’s because they don’t know my sister).

My sister Betzabe and I.

I’m a freshman and I’m taking this class because I find it interesting, it’s necessary for the communication major, and it takes me closer to the advertising area (which is what I want to do).

So, ok… I’m horrible writing, I love singing (but I’m too shy to do it anyway), I’m a christian, I like Ice Cream, I was impressed by how people are so nice to international students, I miss my little siblings, I’m a BlackBerry addict, I’m social (it just takes me time because I’m also shy), I love dogs, I hate San Antonio’s extreme hot weather, I love San Antonio’s people kindness, I’m creative, and I love working on art projects.

  I did this one thinking of how advertising companies seduce people to buy their products. The sentences on her hair are lies and the lady is the seducer.

I’m sure we’ll all end up getting along and loving this year.

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