And now, from the heart of central Missouri… Drumroll please!

Aaron Skinner! Hello fellow classmates and Professor Delwiche. My name is Aaron and I am a freshman here at Trinity. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week here, and cannot wait to really get adjusted and find my niche on the Trinity campus. I was born in Buffalo, New York more than eighteen years ago, but I consider Columbia, Missouri to be my hometown. My family (two parents and an older sister) and I moved there when I was three years old, and over the following fifteen years I grew to call it home.

Although tennis is probably my greatest passion, I have many other interests, some athletic and others that are less sweaty. I will begin with the athletic ones since these have always been my biggest extra curricular. I have played tennis nearly my whole life; since I was old enough to walk I have had a racket in my hand. I played competitively throughout high school and am currently on the Trinity Tennis Squad. In addition to tennis, I’ve played basketball, baseball and soccer competitively at different times in my life; as well as martial arts, and swimming, at a more recreational level. I also love to watch sports, possibly even more than playing them. My favorites are basketball and football, and both seasons are just around the corner! Other than athletics, I enjoy relaxing, listening to music, watching television, or just hanging out with my friends or girlfriend. I have a terrific girlfriend who is from Fairbanks, Alaska, which is where Chuck Klosterman sold ice machines to Eskimos! As far as music goes, I enjoy primarily rap. As for television, Family Guy and South Park are always classics.

This is me as a little tike! Notice the MU hat, go Tigers!

I am excited for my college experience and am interested to see what my academic passions will turn out to be. As of now, I am completely undecided as far as my major goes. The only course I found intriguing through high school was a psychology course; but, both my parents are psychologists and I am not sure if I want to follow in their footsteps. Hopefully, I will try a broad spectrum of classes here at Trinity and find something that absolutely fascinates me, and most importantly, makes that moolah! I have high expectations for this course, and if nothing else I hope to wise up to all the darn subliminal messaging out in the media today. Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me!

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