And now, presenting…

Hey, guys! My name is Riley Newson, and I’m a junior at Trinity University. My family currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri, but we’ve moved around quite a bit because my dad was in the Army.  I was born in Highland Park, Illinois, but I’ve lived in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado; Wahiawa, Hawaii; and Landstuhl and Heidelberg, Germany.  When I was younger, I hated moving every three years, but now that I’m older I realize that it has given me a broader lens with which to view the world.  I feel that I will continue to be (at least somewhat) nomadic throughout my life, and I hope to study abroad in Australia or New Zealand before I graduate to gain even more travel experience.

I’m a Neuroscience major, and I’m planning on applying to medical school next year.  Although selecting my major was remarkably straightforward for me (I had basically been declared since my junior year in high school…), I am more hesitant to declare a career path.  I am fascinated by the more “touchy-feely” side of neuroscience: psychology (especially developmental psychology and psychopathology), but I am also enamored by the idea of living a fast-paced life as a neurosurgeon.

This is me with my four younger siblings over Christmas break. And in the background, my dear Texans, is what we call snow.

Besides my schoolwork, I enjoy being outside, volunteering, hanging out with friends, and spending time with my family.  I am the oldest of five, and I love my siblings to death!  My 16-year-old sister is my best friend. I also absolutely love animals.  I have two dogs at home, Samson (a black lab mix) and Delilah (a beagle), and I love playing with them and taking them for walks when I’m back in Missouri over break.  I thoroughly enjoy being a student at Trinity – after being here for two years, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.  I am excited for this next academic year, and I hope that it will be as rewarding and growth-inspiring as my previous years here.

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