Austin-ite, Born and Raised

To all my fellow media lovers,
Hi (insert awkward wave here), my name is Angeline Rose Bottera, but I go by Angel. I was named after my great-grandmother, whose nickname was also “Angel,” so, no, I did not randomly decide I wanted to be called something that would cause people to often break out into song whenever they here my name (think about it, there are a lot of songs with my name in it, aren’t there?). I am a first year here at the beautiful Trinity University and I am loving it! I was born and raised in Austin, Texas and I can’t imagine a better place to live. From going boating on the lake to listening to live music any chance I can get, Austin has been a wonderful place to grow up and thrive.

The best friends a girl could have!

I have grown up an only child with divorced parents. Sounds suck-ish, right? Wrong. Although I do wish I had a brother or a sister, many of my friends have been adopted as my siblings over the years. I have a super tight group of friends that are currently spread all over the country, from Nashville to Kansas City to Ithaca and back to Austin, attending a variety of universities. Thank God for skype.

Some things you should know about me…let’s see, I love theatre, swimming, music, and the outdoors (especially when it’s not a billion degrees outside). I’ll start with theatre. I am a total theatre junkie and I plan on minoring in it here at Trinity. I love everything from straight plays to musicals and I often bust out into songs from musicals like Spring Awakening and Rent. As far as swimming goes, I’ve been swimming since I was about 5, although my parents swear I was swimming before I could walk. I love the feeling of gliding through the water effortlessly. Often when I am swimming, I sing songs in my head in order to stop tediously counting strokes; which brings me to my next like, music. I have pretty much learned to appreciate all kinds of music, except screamo and heavy rock (sorry to all the hardcore people). Growing up in Austin, live music is everywhere, giving me a wide variety of musical likes. Currently, I love artists like Matt & Kim, Kate Nash, and Bob Schneider. Look them up. Finally, I love the outdoors. Kayaking, biking and camping are among some of my favorite outdoorsy activities. I even went camping for four days at the beginning of August in Texas, with no electricity. It was crazy hot, but also crazy fun.

Some final tidbits about my life before I leave. I love dogs. I have a puppy named Gracie and she is absolutely adorable. She was a stray and is noticeably thankful she has a loving home. I also really love bunnies. When I have my own house, I want to get a dwarf bunny and train it to use a litter box. Trust me, it’s been done before. My role model is Tina Fey. If you haven’t read her book, Bossypants, or seen the TV show 30 Rock, do it now. She is absolutely hysterical in both her writing and acting. Lastly, I want to be a child psychologist when I grow up. I love children and I admire their blunt and honest nature. I cannot wait to work with them the rest of my life, hopefully making a difference in at least one of their lives. That’s all for now folks. I hope to get to know everyone throughout the semester. Thank you to all who read my attempt at a blog post!

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