Born and raised in Texas…

Hello all, my name is Jennifer Edwards. I am a freshman here at Trinity University. I was born in Houston, Texas, however, I moved to Pearland (which is only 20-30 minutes away) when I turned six. I am eighteen years old and attended a public high school in Pearland. Trinity University was actually the only university/college I applied to!

I have one older sister who graduated from Austin College this past May, so my dad is stuck in the house with 3 girls! I played competitive soccer throughout high school, but I plan to try intramural here at Trinity. I am a very competitive person, which can sometimes cause some tension.

My current favorite song right now is “How to Love” by Lil Wayne. I generally love all types of music, but not a lot of country. Music is just one of the many interests I have. I decided to take this Media Interpretation and Criticism class because I thought it could expand my interest of how the media is presented to the public. My planned major is Business Administration, however, this class could change my direction!

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