It’s a Huynh-Win Situation

Hello Y’all!

I am not a big fan of writing about myself because I never know where to begin! I guess my name will be a good start.  My name is Jeremy Huynh, and I have a junior here at Trinity. I am born and raised in Dallas, Texas.

Photograph using slow shutter speed at night in Dallas

I have an older brother, Justin, who is in his last rotation in pharmacy school! I love my parents, especially my mom. I have a huge “momma’s boy.” I miss my mom’s home cooking while I’m here, but good thing I brought my rice cooker with me. I have been playing soccer all my life and was a former member of the men’s team here at school.I am taking this course to fulfill common curriculum, but I have also here good things about this course. Since the media is a huge influence in today’s society, I figured this will be a fun class to take to see a different approach. I am a music and movie junkie. I like all different types of music, yes even country! I also am a fan of different genre’s of movies. I like international and independent films a lot. Music and movies are my escape from reality. I definitely gets my money’s work on Netlfix. In the summer, I spend most of my time browsing through the movies and televisions shows. My watched all of Scrubs this summer. I am a huge Zach Braff fan. I am currently working towards a Biology major. After Trinity, I plan to either attend Physician Assistant school or Anesthesiologist Assistant school.  This summer I shadowed my dentist. I got to see some crazy cases, one of which last four hours. I want to work in a hospital when I grow. It is a different world inside of a hospital.

I am excited for the school year! I am stoked. Go Trinity Tigers and go Mavericks!

Until next time, stay classy..

Jeremy Huynh

About jhuynh0912

Junior at Trinity University
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