Its all about isMErai[:

my amazing nephew

Hey guys, my name’s Ismerai J. Monreal born and raised in good old San Antonio. I am a freshmen here at Trinity University, I hope to be a communication and political science major. You can usually always catch me with a smile because life is good and you should show your appreciation to it. I also always love a good laugh it is the best calorie burner after all (according to Audry Hepburn). I love books I love to read, but I also really enjoy movies. Music wise I listen to all types but contrary to most Texans I do not like country. My immediate family consist of my parents and one brother who is married and produced a most gorgeous child who I now adore and am happy to call my nephew.

The family at a waterpark in Mexico

I am very family oriented my mother has 13 brothers and sisters which in turn makes me have 52 cousins. I know all of them by name and love all of them like siblings. We are a very close knit family we gather for any reason or excuse and love to make noise.

My faith is probably the most important thing to me. I am very religious and I strongly defend my beliefs. This goes hand in hand with my personality as well, because I will not back down from an issue if I know it is important. I believe in justice but that does not necessarily¬† mean an eye for an eye. As Gandhi said, “an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”

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