It’s almost AUTUMN.

Hey! My name is Autumn Sage Kervella, I’m from Austin, TX and I’m a first year. I was born on October 20, 1992 (yes, I am an Autumn baby) in Santa Barbara, California where I lived for a months until my family uprooted and moved to Dallas, Texas. My younger sister Denali was born in Dallas and once again after not too long we moved to Austin. I graduated from the Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA) which is only a tad bit larger than Trinity.

I am planning on double majoring in communications and french here at Trinity. My father’s family is french and I have been speaking french since I was little. I am mostly interested in the journalism aspect of communications. While in high school I held editor positions in both the school newspaper and yearbook. I feel in love with the stories people told and being able to interview them. Taking people’s lives and translating them into stories is my absolute favorite part of writing.

Here at trinity I run Cross Country and next semester I’ll be running track. I have been running since I was in elementary school and started doing triathlons. I’ve been running with my dad for 8 years, and this year we decided to start another kind of race. This year I will hopefully be racing in the Spartan Race which is a 10 mile run/obstacle course that consists of gladiators, slippery mountains, fire, and  5’ Over/Under/Through obstacles. I’m a total adrenaline junky and enjoy mountain climbing, biking, scuba diving, running, hiking and anything else active that gets my heart beating!

I’m so excited for this new school year and all of my ne

w classes!

2011 TU Cross Country


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Student Athlete at Trinity University
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