The future Dr. France

Hi class, my name is Charles France but i go by C.J., and I am a first year student here at Trinity University. I was born in New Orleans on November 12th, 1992, and lived there for 7 years before moving to France. We moved to south of France for one year while my dad worked for pfizer, and then decided to move to back to the states to San Antonio, and have been living here since. I have enjoyed living in San Antonio for the past ten years, and have realized how great texas is compared to other states :).

Throughout high school I played tennis for my school, Ronald Reagan High School. I played junior varsity for my first two years, and then made the varsity team for my junior and senior year. It was truly a great experience being on the variety team and getting to travel around Texas playing schools, and meeting new people every step of the way. I made friends that will last forever, and that are always here for me when I need them! I hope to continue my tennis playing here at trinity by playing on their club or intramural tennis team, but I have to get my study schedule and classes worked out, and underway first!

There is no where else that I would rather be right now other than Trinity University here in San Antonio. Even though I am from here and home is a mere 15 minutes away, it is the defiantly the best of both worlds. The freedom to do what I want, and the closeness and convenience of having my family close. The size and reputation also were a very big thing about choosing Trinity as my place to acquire my degree. The small size of Trinity ensures that me, as a student will not be a number, and will be recognized, and able to become close with my professors.

The future of my medical career!

In my future I hope to attain a degree in biology and possibly a minor in business or international politics. With that hopefully be accepted into medical school and gain my M.D.. After that I hope to do a residency in Emergency medicine and then apply for a position with the Central Intelligence Agency to be a medical officer ( basically a fancy way to say a physician for the C.I.A.: Also I hopefully will get a position abroad, and if i got to pick, it would be in Spain or Australia. I love traveling, and I hope to travel a lot when I am older, and not be tied down in one location, that’s why I want to work for an agency that offer domestic and international positions.

About cjfrance

First-year at Trinity University
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