The Girl From Austin

Hi, my name is Bethany Smith. I was born in New Jersey, but because my dad was in the military, I only lived there for a few months. We had to move quite often. Over my lifetime, I have lived in New Jersey, Chicago, San Diego, Oakland, and San Francisco before I moved to Austin in 3rd grade. I went to Austin Waldorf School for elementary and middle school. I rode horses and played volleyball and soccer during this time. I have an older sister named Mary who is currently a senior at University of Texas at Austin. My dad retired from the military when we moved to Austin and is now an electrical engineer for Parsons. My mom is a social worker for victims of PTSD.

          I went to St. Michael’s Catholic Academy for High School ( I loved High School and still can’t believe its over. I played volleyball my freshman and sophomore year. I was also on the newspaper and yearbook staff. Austin had so many live musics venues that I loved to take advantage of in High School. Austin City Limits and FunFunFun Fest were some of the most fun weekends in Austin. In High School I was lucky enough to go on a cruise to Europe. Since then I have had the biggest desire to travel the world once I graduate college.

The last night of Austin City Limits in 2010; the Eagles were the closing act.

          One of the main reasons why I picked Trinity University was because of its distance from Austin. I also loved its size. I like knowing I am a name not a number, especially after hearing my sister’s experience at a school like UT. While here at Trinity, I hope to major in biology and pursue pre-med. After college I want to become a part of Doctors without Borders so that I can travel while also helping people. Although I’m nervous to try to pursue pre-med, I know Trinity is the best place to do it.

About bsmith8

I'm a freshman at Trinity University from Austin, Texas.
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