The Girl With the Speech Impediment

Hello. My name is Andrea Michelle Moniaci. I go by the name Andy, because I have trouble pronouncing  the letter “r.” I get asked by a lot of people where I am from. When I say Houston, TX people are shocked because they think I am from England or New York. Its crazy. The predicament is also kinda fun because sometimes I ask people where they think I am from before I tell them and a wide variety of places are mentioned. It’s very interesting. Although I have a speech impediment I am known for other things as well. 


Throughout my middle and high school career I was an avid volleyball player. Not many people know that volleyball is a year round sport. School season is in the fall and club season in the spring. I attended Bellaire High School and was in the top 26% of my class. Not only did I do volleyball but I also did Young Life. Young Life has changed my life because it open my eyes to Christ in a different light. It actually made me excited to go worship where as before I dreaded it.    I came to Trinity University because I loved the small community and the teacher to student ratio. It also helps that I received a scholarship for free tuition. There is no way my parents could afford this school without the scholarship. My family and I are really close. I have one sister and two dogs. I kinda miss the dogs more than I miss my sister. She and I just don’t have much in common. My father and I are like best friends. We crack each other up at the corniest jokes. He also has the coolest job in the entire world. He is an Athletic Director at a university. I love sports. My family is all about sports. It started with my grandfather. He has attended every Steelers Football home game for the past sixty eight years. I love my family. I think they are the coolest people and I love hanging out with them. In conclusion, I have a really great life and I am so blessed.

About amoniaci

I am a Trinity University freshman and enjoy playing volleyball!
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  1. I have a speech impediment too! I have a stutter.

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