Welcome to my World…

Hi, my name is Jacob Collmann, but I go by Jake. I was born in Austin Texas and lived there for seventeen years. I went to a rather large high school called Cedar Park. Cedar Park had approximately 2400 students which made academics very competitive.

Cedar Park High School

I am looking to major in communications with a double minor in business and economics. I have been surrounded by sources of communication my entire life. I’ve interned at the number one television news station in Orlando Florida called WFTV Channel 9 News. I also have relatives that are in the news business, which happen to be very useful resources.

I love to play soccer and I have been my entire life. Right now I’m not playing competitively, but that may change if my dad and I are able to start a team. I understand Trinity has an amazing soccer team, which presents many opportunities for me to practice on aggressive filming with my DSLR. Which brings up another one of my interests. I like to film and edit sports of all sorts. Its not only sports I like to edit, I also like to edit video games. Heres a link to my youtube page if anyones interested. I’m excited for this school year and everything it has to teach me. Im determined to learn everything my professors present.

Me and a friend from back home

About jcollmann

I am a first year student at Trinity University. I am looking to major in the Communications department. I like sports, video games, and hanging out with friends.
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