Hi, I’m Lauren. I like rocks.

My name is Lauren Copley and I’m a senior here at Trinity.  After struggling through a couple of majors, I’ve landed myself in the Geology department.  Yes, that’s right, I will be looking at rocks for the rest of my life.  Some call that dorky.  I call that awesome.  Funnily enough, I actually come from a family of rock lovers – my mom is a geologist and my dad is a geophysicist.  Sadly my little brother (a sophomore at Santa Clara University) doesn’t think rocks are cool, and would rather play with electricity and the laws of motion.  Whatever.

I wish I could look this cool everyday.

As a result of my parents’ professions, my life has been a whirlwind of world travel.  I was born in Alaska, lived in Colorado for a few years, then moved in Venezuela for 5 years, and now am semi-residing in Houston (my mom moved to Indonesia in January for a job).  I’ve also been lucky enough to be able to visit really awesome places such as Peru, Australia, and Thailand.  I have yet to go to Europe though, but someday I’ll make that happen.

Here around campus, I’ve been involved in a bunch of things, even though it might be petering off as I segue into adult life.  I’ve been a member of Alpha Chi Lambda for the past 4 years (those obnoxious girls walking around wearing lots of purple), and I’ve enjoyed it so much.  I also really like to dance and have been a part of Loon-E Crew.  However, I do maintain that awkwardly dancing like a crazy person can be equally as fun, if not more fun.

I highly enjoy a wide range of music – I have a soft spot for Bob Marley and Spin Doctors (thanks to my father); I really enjoy the fun almost folk-ish music like Mumford & Sons and Noah & the Whale; then there is my love of rap/hip-hop, dubstep, R&B, salsa/merengue, and so on.  I enjoy laughing more than anything on this planet – in my opinion, a day without laughter (heck, an hour without laughter) is such sadness.  So if any of you haven’t gotten a laugh in today, I will refer you to any Friends episode, the Harvard Sailing team (no, not the real one), and Justin Timberlake (I have more if I have piqued anyone’s comedic interest).  Anyways, that’s me!  If you see me around campus, say hi to me sometime!

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1 Response to Hi, I’m Lauren. I like rocks.

  1. andi500 says:

    I want to see you Krump 🙂

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