The Great Country of Texas!

Howdy! My name is Robert Buckreis. All my friends call me Robby. I am POUDLY from a small town just south of Houston, TX called Pearland. Nothing beats Texas Pride (although some states say they can beat it… false).  Anyways, I am born and raised in this great state and wouldn’t have it any other way!I am a senior here at Trinity University.  I am a neuroscience and business double major… polar opposites, I know. I am looking at a masters program in Health Care Administration at either U of H or here at Trinity.  Many stressful, sleepless moons ago, I came here to Trinity from a very small private high school in Houston.  My graduating class was 90 people.  I came to Trinity for three reasons: small class sizes, good academics, and football.  That is right, I played football here.  After my first season of football, however, I decided I was going to try out for track and field just as something to keep me busy in the spring and to have a little fun.

*this is not me. Hopefully one day though!

I did track in high school and won my district but never thought I would do it at the collegiate level.  Like I said, I joined track at Trinity mainly for fun. Within my first season, however, I broke the school record for the Hammer throw (shown to the right).  It was such a proud and defining moment for me to see my name and an article about me on the school’s website.  Since then I continued with Track for three more seasons and greatly look forward for my upcoming senior season.  I am hoping to win our conference in my event!

Well, that is the down and dirty about me. I hope y’all weren’t too bored. I am excited for this communications class and being able to post my thoughts of every second on this feed. Just kidding! But, for real, I am looking forward to keeping up with this blog and seeing where this class will take us!

Y’all come back now, you hear!!


About rbuckrei

I am a senior at Trinity University. There I play football and throw track and field. I am majoring in Neuroscience and Business. I plan to get my masters in Health Care Administration.
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