The music behind the action

While thinking of ways that media manipulates everyday viewers to react a certain way to certain techniques, i came up with the music behind the action. In all scary movies, Jaws or Halloween, the slow chilling music is definitely a technique that scares the audience just as much as the action does. 

Jaws swimming underneath a girl

In “Film, Space, and Image”, Bernard Dick references horror films and that “Extreme close-ups of the eye are, in fact standard in horror films”. All throughout Jaws and Halloween, horror films, there are multiple times that the camera gets close-up on the victims to show their anxiety, and while this is happening the viewer hears the classic chilling music where the beat ultimately leads up to something dramatic happening. Here’s the Jaws website where you can watch clips and see the slow chilling music used in action.

Sometimes however, in scary movies, the men who choose the music place sequences of music in order where the viewer thinks its leading up to something dramatic when really they are just tricking the viewers to scare them. The music behind the action is a manipulation technique because it forces the audience to think the worst is going to happen when slow chilling music plays in horror films. Most of the time, the music signifies something horrific is about to happen, although this isn’t the case all of the time.

Lastly, the music that plays during a chase in a horror film manipulates the audience to get into the film and either sympathize for the victim or to think how ridiculous the victim’s choices are. This technique is very cleaver to use throughout horror films because the music sets the tone of the movie, and without the music the movie would probably not be as scary. Humanity now-a-days loves to watch scary movies, so if there was a change in a lot of peoples minds not to watch horror films anymore then media would have to change there technique of the music behind the action. However, this is an exemplary technique because it works in almost all accounts when trying to manipulate audiences.

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