Sex Sells: Tricked into Buying More Than We Should

A car advertizement in which you can barely see the car

Images and sounds that are sexual have been utilized in order to shape and influence the audience’s reaction. This is similar to the way laughter tracks take advantage of the “worst qualities of insecure people” according to Klosterman’s book called Eating the Dinosaur. Over the last two decades, the use of sexual appeal has become the norm in most forms of mediated communication, especially advertizing.

There are hundreds of advertizements where sex is used to market and sell a product. One that comes to mind is the advertizing for a brand of male grooming products called Axe. This Youtube video depicts a typical Axe deodorant commercial where a man is incredibly attractive to women because he uses Axe. Sex is not only used to sell to men, but also to women. Another Youtube video of a commercial for Calvin Klein’s Eternity Moment fragrance for women shows how Scarlett Johansson is able to draw in her man because of the fragrance.

This technique seems to be quite effective because it evokes an emotional response through feelings of arousal. Moreover, sexual images and suggestions gain the audience’s attention and make sure that the information is retained for longer. These effects are magnified in younger generations because sexual experiences and expression are still relatively new to them.

All in all, in order to minimize the effects of this technique, audience members should restrain their emotions and think logically about what they are viewing or hearing. In reality, the above approach is easier said than done, but it is possible.

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