BIG brands+BIG names=BIG SALES.

What do Nike, “Got Milk?” and Proactiv Face Wash all have in common? The answer is they all advertise their products by endorsing well known celebrities to manipulate the public. Behind nearly every large company today is the face of a famous man or woman. Whether they are an athlete, musician, or movie star, celebrities not only catch the attention of buyers, but furthermore, try and make it seem as if buying the product will make you become like a celebrity!

Lebron James

Nike is notorious for this use of media manipulation. I’m sure we can all remember when Michael Jordan was being used in nearly every advertisement of Nike’s on tv. They produced the image of “buy the shoes and you’ll play like Michael Jordan!” Since him there have been a number of extremely talented athletes used in their advertisements including Mia Hamm, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods, just to name a few. This form of manipulation has obviously been successful for the company, so successful, in fact, that I bet every one of us have bought one of their products simply because of the faces behind it!

Taylor Swift

“Got Milk?” is another big endorser of celebrities to encourage buyers to get their daily dose of milk in their diet. The milk mustache is the giveaway of their ads which has been on not only athletes, but also more mainstream celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Beyonce. These pictures are found in a variety of magazines ranging from those targeted towards the younger crowd to ESPN magazine. People of all ages can easily recognize these advertisements and are much more appealed to drink milk when seeing their favorite singer or celebrity wearing the mustache!

Jessica Simpson

The last, and probably one of the more recognizable media manipulation advertisements in that of Proactiv. Jessica Simpson was the face behind this product that became such a bestseller in skin care. There is no doubt that the use of a celebrity is how such a small company became so large.

Overall, the use of celebrities is one of the most prominent forms of media manipulation for companies trying to sell their products to the mainstream buyers. It is a sure fire way to get people to pay attention to the product in hopes of it making them like the celebrity who claims to use it.

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