LOOK!!! It’s the scary T.V.!!!!

Hello all. I recently just watched an episode of the O.C. and saw the infamous animal cruelty commercial where Sarah Mclachlan sings her sad song, angel.

Example of Shock advertising

I began to think about it and tv advertising using emotional appeal tactics all the time. However sometimes companies go overboard and take the emotional appeal tactic to the extreme.      Shock advertising is a type of advertising generally regarded as one that deliberately startles and offends its audience by violating norms for social values and personal ideals. Shockvertising (as it is also called) is used to create “buzz” about the product of social issue the advertisement is promoting. this form of advertising is extremely controversial and creates a lot of disturbing images, however it captures the audiences attention and brings awareness to the issue/product being advertised.      Some examples of this “shockvertising” are advertisements for Calvin Klein jeans. in these commercials, young adults/ teenagers were participating in. Calvin Klein insisted that these commercials were intended to”the same warmth and spontaneity that you find in a family snapshot.” However they were more shoving, offensive, and raunchy instead of comforting. Another example is when trying to relay a message about a social problem occurring in Milwaukee. It was trying to make aware that the occurrence of rape was arising and that no girl should be subjected to that. It created a buzz about rape and raised awareness.          Shock advertising creates stronger feelings among the consumers. It is more memorable and stays in the audiences head longer. However there are those who oppose to such lewd distasteful commercials. In some cases the advertisements are so raunchy or provocative that consumers turn the channel when they see or hear it. I don’t think there are any ways people can immunizing themselves from shockvertising. It is displayed everywhere. However consumers can look at the underlying message and try to pretend that the shock value of the advertisement isn’t there.

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I am a Trinity University freshman and enjoy playing volleyball!
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