Talent…I think not.

Femme Fatal tour. Performing "Big Fat Bass"

These days its seems as though many of the new and upcoming singers and songwriters are finding other ways to entertain people, because they are lacking talent. The fact of the matter is that the producers of the shows/concerts are creatively distracting the audience from the actual singer, and focusing their attention on the back up dancers, the set, and the pounding music that is rolling through your ears.

I have personally been distracted recently when i was dragged to a Britney Spears concert with one of my friends. While at the concert, which is shown to the right, Britney Spears is mixed up in the crowd of back up dancers, and huge boxes of subwoofers and speakers. By putting her in the situation, few people realize that the whole concert she was barely even moving her lips. Her lip-syncing talents were in full swing, and for me i was focused on the fact that she had no talent other than looking good.

There are countless reviews for her current tour stating that the stages, and acts put on deter the audience from paying attention to the fact that the blaring music is playing from her cd that many waited months to purchase! To me, this is not so upsetting, but it is interesting how so many people are willing to pay so much money to see someone lack so much talent. The producers have and will continually successfully distract the audience from the growing numbers of talentless artists, as these days those are pretty much the only ones rising.

What I would love to see is the audience separating the stage and back up dancers from the actual performer so that they can focus more on the abilities of them, and not of the producer who sets the stage for the show. Then many would realize the artists that actually posses talent, versus those (Britney Spears) that don’t posses talents other than looks.


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