What are you even Wearing…?

Nowadays it seems to me that if you are a pop artist, the best way to get famous is to wear the most ridiculous thing of all time.  I still remember when people actually judged how good of an artist you are based on your voice, and not by how “attention grabbing” your attire is.

My opinion is shared by many of my friends and peers as well.  When you see Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj walk onto stage wearing a dress made out of meat or wearing what appears to me as a block of cheese on their head, an alarm rings out to me as a desperate cry for attention.  Instead, the world adores them and thinks of them as being “creative”.  Something is very wrong about this to me.


The major problem is this style of dress is become more and more accepted in society.  Even fellow artists, such as Katy Perry, agree with the direction the pop music world is going.

My proposed solution: We actually listen to the music that we have come to like and not become attracted to the artists who desperately try for attention by wearing things that will get them noticed.  I agree that many of these new and up and coming pop artists are great singers and are very talented, but they need to just focus on their careers and not on how “weird” they can be.

I believe that if things don’t change, it will only get worse.  There will be a point where you won’t even need to be talented to be a famous pop star, but only have a very creative and weird sense of how you present yourself.  I hope that people will start to see and realize what is going on and not allow themselves to be sucked up into a vortex of attention grabbing tactics.

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