Why won’t you pay ME for wearing your boring T-shirt?

Almost all businesses and companies have a distinct trademark that society recognizes them by. Not only do companies use their trademarks to show their ownership over their products, but they also use their logos as subliminal advertising. This technique has effected every middle class American since the 1980’s in their decisions on what to purchase and invest in. It’s manifested a new type of competition between markets to see which brand can be seen more ON people. Welcome to a scam that we’re apart of. Companies should be paying US to wear their logos. Not us paying $50 for a T-shirt at Armani Exchange.

Take this guy for example. Jason Sadler is the smartest guy I’ve heard of, at least today. He gets paid by companies to wear their clothing. In the video, he admits he makes over $80,000 a year by doing this. And he did not pay for one of these T-shirts.

American Eagle

An example of a T-shirt Logo, very obvious who's it is.

Middle School is when I started being pressured into this idea of brands being important. Not only was it just wearing Silver Jeans from Buckle in the local mall, but it was also wearing a Hollister, Aeropostle, or American Eagle T-shirt that literally said their name on it. At the time, I thought this was a fashion statement. But now I realize I was giving into society’s new role of market’s using their customers as walking advertisements. Now, I try not to associate myself with wearing large logos like in Middle School, but I still come across clothing with a little brand logo in the pocket area of the shirt.

Don't worry, that's me.

I do think this technique is highly effective. If it wasn’t, Middle and High schools would not be a walking ground of comformatism. Once we step outside of our sheltered worlds and grow as individuals, I think it is easier for consumers to choose what they really would like to wear and who they want to represent on their bodies. Take Trinity University for example, now we over support Greek letters!

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