Its not WHAT you can do…Its WHO you do it for

It seems like every artist that is in the top 40 of the music charts today have been produced by the same people. And the most irritating part is that we accept anything that these so called “producers” throw at us. Essentially we are letting other artist dictate who else will make it, almost always accepting it as “well if so and so thinks their good they must be good”. Take Young Money Entertainment a record label formed by rapper Lil Wayne, who has produced acts such as Drake and Nicki Minaj both of whom were instant hits on the Billboard 2oo. Artist such as these get promoted and commercialized by big named artist getting that foot in the door to become the next “it” thing. And talent dose not necessarily always have to play a big role artist will use whatever tactics to be unique and show they are not like the previous act.  Nicki Minaj an eccentric female rapper whose notoriety comes not just from being a female rapper(she was not the first, what happened to names such as Miss Elliot, Lil Kim and Eve) but by using unconventional methods when it comes to fashion and style. But none of this would have mattered, she would have just been another “want to be” Lady Gaga, were it not for her being founded by the rap group Young Money. 

Another example of this type of “rising to the top” would be Roc-A-Fella Records, a record label made famous by big time artist Jay Z. Rappers such as Kanye West, and Jadakiss are included here and it is an extension of Island Def Jam records. However the most interesting phenomenon would not be so much the recording label but the roc a fella sign, a symbol popularized by Jay Z, and a trend that seems to make other artist part of a special family. Artist such as Rhianna and other now big names have been known to make this symbol, after all it is Jay Z who founded them why not give him a little credit.

Being a fan of these artist is not bad, but it just seems manipulative when so many of the same musicians today are “discovered” by the same artist. And whats more it is disconcerting when your success will depend on the taste of the “artist of the day” instead of the fans to which music is suppose to be for.

Famous singer Rihanna making the Roc A Fella symbol made famous by the artist that founder her Jay Z

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