Bend It Like Beckham…

“Bro why’d you get these cleats? Because David Beckham wears them.“

In today’s era where media advertising dominates, it is only smart to get celebrities to help. The technical term is called endorsements. Celebrity endorsements are a technique of persuasion says that consumers relate to the person(s) appearing in the ad: if the celebrity/athlete/
star uses the product, then it must be good, so I will purchase/use it too. Examples are everywhere, and the variety ranges from clothes to types of water. The bigger question is why are we drawn towards products that essentially just as good in quality as other “unendorsed products?” The answers can be the most popular of favoring the celebrity that is endorsing the product, or I feel it is more trustworthiness. One must feel that product is more trustworthy if a celebrity uses, wears, eats/drinks it.

As I am writing this blog, I am asking myself, “Why did I buy these cleats that David Beckham versus other cleats that are not as popular?” My question is very simple, “I am an Adidas fan when it comes to cleats, and Beckham wears them.” Granted the fact the quality of shoe is superb and the performance is not even a question, but I cannot say there is not another cleat out there that wouldn’t be just as “good.” Besides the quality itself, I do like David Beckham thus there is an association I have with him.  I am not the only one guilty of this!

What is the downside in buying David Beckham’s cleats? They are most definitely pricey. The average soccer cleat is around $175 for a good quality name brand one, rather Adidas Predators that Beckham himself designs and wears are $220. Yes I am paying for the little David Beckham stick figure on the shoe. There are so plenty of other cleats are just as well made and professional players so wear them but are not as customized.

Other pros are some of which that do not effect us personally. I am talking about the workers that are making the cleats. Soccer players like myself are not aware the warehouses that are mass-producing the products. Our purchases are not increasing their wages but rather in this case Adidas and David Beckham. For example, Nike’s Chinese warehouses in which the majority of their apparel and shoes are made, the workers themselves are not getting increase pay at all. They are working harder for our guilty pleasures of being label junkies.

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