Hello Ladies….

“Hello ladies. Does your man smell like me?” This has become a popular saying for Old Spice brand scented body wash. TV commercials have been using emotions to persuade their audience to act since the beginning.  In the case of Old Spice, they have used comedy and clever, memorable quotes and scenes to promote their product.

In this commercial, the audience is clearly women who are tired of the way their man smells. Pshh, like men smell; yeah right!! Anyways, this commercial persuades women to buy a body wash that smells like a hot man. They taunt women to buy Old Spice for their man if they want them to smell like a real man. Within the first 8 seconds of the ad, the actor has already questioned the women in the audience if their man looks like him. He is soon to answer no. This jokingly leads the woman to be attracted to this man thinking he is better looking than the man they are with. The actor then asks, “can he smell like me?” The answer is yes! Only with the use of Old Spice body wash can men smell attractive. Come on ladies, y’all should know that. No man could ever smell attractive, or even look attractive for that matter, if he doesn’t use Old Spice body wash. At least this is what the commercial leads women to believe. As most of y’all reading this can tell me, this is a pretty recognizable commercial. One that you can remeber and even quote just after one time of seeing it. You remember laughing and thinking it was ridiculous, but do you remember what it was advertising? YES! Old Spice body wash, of course! So is the use of comedy in commercials effective? How can you defend yourself against a commercial that targets you to buy? Well, just watch a commercial and enjoy it as a form of entertainment, but when it comes to an actual purchase decision, take your time and actually evaluate the product for what it is, not how it is marketed.

So ladies, if you want your man to be attractive make sure you buy him Old Spice body wash.  If you do you will get adventure and a gourmet cake that was baked right in your dream kitchen that he built with his own hands. So, take a swan dive right into the best night of your life for only $3.97. Trust me ladies, it’s worth it!

About rbuckrei

I am a senior at Trinity University. There I play football and throw track and field. I am majoring in Neuroscience and Business. I plan to get my masters in Health Care Administration.
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