He’s wearing a Bulgari watch…. he drives a Camaro…. Product placement.

The first kind of media manipulation that i thought of was, product placement. It’s funny how when not paying attention you would never notice any of the brand names that are constantly flashing before your eyes. My primary example is in the first Transformers movie. he whole movie is basically a GM (General Motors) ad. Each transformer is from a line of GM. One of the most epic parts of the movie is when Bumblebee transforms into a brand new Camaro. The whole basis for this part of the film is to promote the release of the new Camaro from Chevrolet. Shortly after the film the Camaro’s were released. Yellow was the most popular color bought.

Another example of product placement I had noticed was in the movie Minority Report starring Tom Cruise. There is numerous scenes in this movie where product placement is seen. The most notable is in the scenewhere Tom Cruise, aka John Anderson, is walking

A scene from Minority Report where John Anderson looks at his watch and the brand name Bulgari is seen.

through a hallway at the police bureau where he works. There are ads to both sides of him for things such as american express, Guinness beer, and the GAP.

To a certain extent, I do believe that product placement, when done well, does work. The General motors example did work well. I am sure there are some people who buy things just because someone had it in a movie or TV show and they saw the brand name and knew where to buy that item. Many people went out and bought their own Bumblebee after this film. I think the only way that as audience we can immunize ourselves of product placement is just not to look for it. It isn’t only movies but in TV shows and music videos. So next time, don’t keep an eye out for brand names and product placement!

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