It’s not all natural.

It’s amazing how you can look at a photo of a girl in a magazine and believe it’s a natural picture but in reality it is completely edited. The physical features of a woman are edited and emphasized even if the aim of the campaign is to emphasize natural beauty. I have done some modeling in my life and I know first hand that any picture taken for media purposes is edited and photo-shopped. I know many people that think the Dove campaigns are revolutionary because they use “natural” looking girls but even these woman are edited to an extent to emphasize their curviness and complexion. However, they are not edited near as much as other ad campaigns.

Media uses photo shop to make woman believe that if they use their product (specifically Dove) they will achieve an ideal body image. This goes for men too. Men are persuaded to use certain products such as Axe and Old Spice because the commercials portray men that are edited to look very athletic and lean. This makes men believe that if they use axe products they will get the hoard of woman that are chasing them in the commercials. Just as women believe that if they use dove products they will appear naturally beautiful.

In the Axe and Dove commercials it is appealing to young people, specifically college age people because it portrayed that the same demographic is using those products and having fun so it is appealing to young people. This makes them want to use the products so they feel like they can portray the life depicted in the commercials. 

Here's an example of an axe ad that appeals to younger men.

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