Every day, all the time, the media manipulates us. From laugh tracks to screen focus, the media is all about manipulation. You can’t have persuasion without manipulation. How else do you convince someone to think the opposite of what they know? There are far too many ways that the media tries to accomplish this to list here, but one of my favorites that I see almost every day,  has to be the quotes you see in movie commercials(not trailers). All the time I see commercials for movies that are “Riveting”, “Unbelievable”, and my all time favorite, “the funniest movie in America.”

The reason this is my favorite, is because there is no source from the quote. Sure, someone thinks it’s the funniest movie in America, but who? Is it a well versed and respected film critic institution, such as Rotten Tomatoes, that logs not only ratings, but also lists what film critics say, and their credentials. Or, is it the producers wife, husband, or kid?

A screen capture of an Audi commercial showing how quotes should be displayed

It is understandable that you want me to know how the movie is. After all, the only way I will really know is by seeing the movie. But telling me how the movie is and not telling me who said it, might as well be telling me what the movie isn’t.

Of course, this is not just restricted to movie commercials. The best example I could find of how it should be done, is this Audi commercial for the A8, which I screen captured the good part. The quote source listed right underneath.

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