Wash Me

It is clear to us all that media and advertising continue to expand in every direction, and when you think you’ve seen it all, another Superbowl commercial catches your attention. Whether the commercial is funny, sexy, or serious, it is able to take control of your mind and put you on set. Nowadays, famous actors, athletes, and politicians are used to catch your eye and to recognize the product being advertised. However, athletes, actors, and politicians aren’t the only people used to catch your eye. Beautiful fit girls in bikinis and underwear, and guys with six packs shirtless and tan are excessively used to promote products.

In this YouTube Video you can easily see how the sexual image of women is used to promote Axe body spray. It is obvious that this ad is directed towards men, however women can be tricked into believing men that use axe body spray are more attractive as well. Its not only images that promote a product by provoking a sexual meaning, there are also commercials on the radio or on the television that use provocative audio.

Did you ever think sex would sell you toilet paper? Maybe some coffee? What about a car? According to this website its obvious that it attempts to. A range of companies take their product that has nothing to do with the idea of sex, and include an either funny or serious sexual image. They do this to gain the interest of younger men and the generations that consume sex like a drug. Men are driven towards sex, mostly as a “want” but sometimes as a need for procreation. Women take advantage of this idea and measure their worth by how much men desire them sexually. Advertisers found that sex sells a long time ago which explains why advertising increasingly provokes sexual thoughts in the consumer. Advertisers will never stop promoting products without a sexual reference simply because the desire for sex will never die off. Sex will always sell, no matter the range of the audience.

About jcollmann

I am a first year student at Trinity University. I am looking to major in the Communications department. I like sports, video games, and hanging out with friends.
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