2012 Craziness!!!

There are many different people/groups who believe 2012 will be the year that the world ends. They believe that the apocalypse is coming, and it’s coming rapidly. Although they have a similar outcome in mind, these groups have different views on the causes that will lead to the downfall of the world in 2012. There are many different reasons such as religion, the end of a calendar, and natural phenomenons leading to people believing in the soon to be armageddon.

Statue of Liberty Sinking due to world ending

One man that goes by the name Balder posted on the 2012- comet website that he believes the end of time is really a new beginning. He mentioned that all books (except for the New Testament) such as the torah, Bible, Ramayana, and the Quran also states his belief. Balder believes 2012 is the time when global consciousness will change. Evil doings will stop and good deeds will increase. Its now time for love, peace, and harmony to take the dominant position. Balder is sure that we will see the fall of society as we know it. For example, people will no longer die from hunger and disease. He also mentions as the world is ending there will be many causalities and horror will seem endless but everything will get better in our new beginning. There is a high uncertainty an low credibility when reading this posting for Balder signs his name off with Son of Odin, Conqueror of Helgrad, Slayer of Ignorance, and Bane of Lies. I don’t think those are actual titles one can hold and also if they were then he would probably be royal and using his time more wisely than writing on the 2012 comet website.

In another article, it states why Chinese scientific experts believe in the soon to be apocalypse. They not only believe it will come soon because of all the religious books saying so but also because of natural and scientific reasons. the article outlines seven different reasons that explain the 2012 doomsday. They are:  the end of the Mayan Calendar, sun storms knocking out power grids and destroying satellites, a particle accelerator built to smash atoms together, readings from religious books says it is going to happen, being overdue for a huge volcanic eruption in Yellowstone, the math is adding up, and the earths north and south magnetic poles are overdue for swapping places. The scientists don’t mention how to prepare for doomsday or what will happen when the end of the world finally comes. The credibility of this article is undermined because the scientists mentioned are not named or particularly quoted. Also I found this article on the website Merinews Journalism, which is a small not very well known source of news in India. I trust American news much more than I do Indian news.

There is a case for doomsday to occur because of all the hurricanes and natural disasters that have been happening lately. In one article, Clint Pumphrey wrote that hurricane Irene is the first of many hurricanes to come due to the apocalypse. Another natural disaster that occurred is the nuclear meltdown in Japan due to the devastating earthquake. Earthquakes are also a supposed sign of doomsday to come. These 2012 fanatics encourage citizens to prepare by stocking up on water, clothes, and have an emergency kit prepared for the end of the world. I believe this is a wee bit incredulous because how can one prepare an emergency kit for the end of the world? Honestly, no one knows what will be needed when the world actually comes to a complete stop. It’s ridiculous.

What differentiates these three views are the different reasons for the apocalypse soon to be coming. One emphasizes that is because of religion whereas the scientists believe it’s a bunch of different reasons put together and finally Clint Pumphrey believes the world is ending solely due to natural disasters occurring. Each are similar though in that all related articles are pretty sketchy. It was really hard to identify an author and certain proofs that qualify each claim made by the author.

After researching for so long, I still do not believe in the world ending. I think it is a little ridiculous to think it is. However, I do believe there are dangerous sun spots and some natural disasters will start occurring more frequently however not because of the world ending soon. I will be so shocked if the world actually ends because there have been so many instances just like this 2012 nonsense and nothing ever happens. If i knew for a fact that the world was ending, I would probably be a lot nicer to people and start going to church a lot more frequently. I believe in heaven and hell and I want to end up in heaven most definitely. I would join a lot more charities and try to make a difference in the world even though in a year it wouldn’t matter but still it would be really nice to fix a really pressing world problem.

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