2012. Legit or redic?

This solar flare will surely end us all!!!!!

There are many different theories as to why the world is going to end, with almost all of them stating that the end is near, specifically on December 21.  The first person I would like to introduce is Patrick Geryl.  This man is a Belgian astronomer, and an author.  I would like to make it clear that this man is not a scientist.  Geryl asserts that in 2012 the earth’s magnetic field will completely reverse, producing massive earthquakes and tidal waves.  Europe and North America are expected to shift north into polar climates.  How is this expected to start? A massive sunspot is expected to send a solar flare to earth and therefore mess with the magnetic field.  Geryl’s solution is for all of us to donate a total of one billion dollars to his foundation so that he can in turn build a shelter in Spain for all of us to take refuge in.  Geryl is technically somewhat credible due to the fact that he has written nine books in his lifetime.  However, his theory is incredibly strange, and he IS NOT a scientist, making a lot of his claims sketchy.  Also his plea for a billion dollars is stupid to me.

The next individual that I would like to introduce is Thomas Lehmann, a 25-year-old factory worker from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Lehmann said he started researching 2012 when he was 12 years old.  He thinks that with all of the natural disasters that have been accumulating lately, the earth will eventually not be able to handle any of it, and will start to fall apart.  He says that this situation is unavoidable, and that “fate” is responsible for everything.  Meanwhile, he advises people to be prepared: save money, supplies and necessities, and that’s just about all we can do, as it is in god’s hands now.  I personally find this man to lack all forms of credibility, mainly because he is a factory worker….I mean come on.  Just because this dude “thinks” something is going to occur doesn’t mean anything unless he has some sort of background to reassert it.

The last person that I would like to bring up is Lawrence Joseph.  This man is an author of a couple of books, with one bring all about the end of the world as we know it in 2012.  He believes that sun spots and solar flares will do the trick and bring an end to our planet, and has reason to believe this because of NASA’s recent prediction that next year will be high in sun spot and solar flare activity.  He also asserts that a variety of other thing (Global Warming, famine, all of that good stuff) will contribute to our impending doom.  One again, this man is a credible author but not a credible scientist, and I find it hard to believe anything that he is trying to prove.  He gives no information on how to survive this crisis, and it is almost as if he has given up already and is merely waiting for all of this to happen,

All three of these men lack many degrees of credibility to say the least, but of all of them, I feel that Geryl is the most believable.  He has written the most books and seems to have done the most research on the apocalypse.

After researching these “theories” for over an hour, my level of concern has remained the exact same. ZERO.  These guys just want all of the attention that they can get and have accumulated a couple of followers each to attempt to spread the world.  The earth is unpredictable and of course there is always a chance that something terrible could happen, but there is no way to predict an event that cataclysmic, especially to the nearest day.

If I knew that the world was definitely ending in 2012, I honestly would probably drop out of school and start spending as much time with the ones I love the most.  Education in today’s society is very important, but with no future then it would obviously take a back seat to family and friends.  I would also probably spend all of my money because having any of it leftover would be no good at all.  Luckily, due to the fact that I am a strong “non believer”, i’m positive that I won’t be having to worry about any of this.  And neither will you.

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