One Theory to Rule them All

Apocalypse theories are funny things.  I’m always curious about how predictors and believers feel the day after.  Isn’t it depressing for them to run around saying that the world is ending and then it isn’t?  To me, Apocalypse theories are like laugh tracks–just plain stupid.  If you want people to believe your theory, wouldn’t it be more wise to run around having fun rather than being depressed?  I’m positive people would want to join a fun movement rather than a depressing one.

I sure hope the end doesn't come like this...

Depressing as they are, there is one theory that rules all the others: The Mayan calendar.  The Mayan long count calendar is the end of a 5000 year calendar cycle discovered by the Mayans.  Now, the Mayan theory says that the sun will align with the center of the milky way for the first time in 26000 years.  Mayans celebrated this as a cleansing of evil and new beginning for the world; not the end of the world.  Nowadays, self-proclaimed seers say that it is the end of the world.  So in other words, it is a way for people to make money selling books about the end of the world.

In my research, no one did this better than brothers Terrance and Dennis Mckenna in their book “The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens, and the I Ching”.  They used the ancient chinese scrolls, “I Ching” and their own version of mathematics to predict various historical events and the end of the world.  To find the end of the world, Terrance and Dennis found a historical event (The bombing of Hiroshima) and added a final 67.29 year cycle.  The date they found was November 2012.  However, upon hearing the Mayan calendar ended in December 2012, they figured that they must have miscalculated and changed the month to December.  None of their mathematical calculations or theories were backed up by any peer reviewed journal or mathematicians for that matter. To the Mckenna brothers, this didn’t matter because they conveniently began to believe that the mainstream education system was wrong after publishing their book.

A final popular Apocalypse theory is from none other than the famous Nostradamus.  In 1982, there was a lost book of his predictions found in Rome.  These were shown to “predict” the following: Hitler, The Atomic Bomb, the death of Henry VII, The Great Fire of London, the French Revolution and many more.  The other prediction he made was, predictably, the massive destruction of the world at the end of 2012.  The funny thing about the lost book of predictions was that it was found after the events happened and some of the pages were unreadable.  Does this mean the source wasn’t credible?  I would say it’s probable but who knows, maybe someone is excellent at reading unreadable pages.

Each of these theories have one thing in common: the end of the world in 2012.  Most Apocalypse theories are based off of the Mayan calendar theory.  In other words, most apocalyptic theories are a meme of the Mayan theory.  However, since the original Mayan theory is misinterpreted anyways, the other theories must be wrong too.

In the event the world does start coming to an end, I decided to live life.  First, I will travel with my family to Patagonia to see nature and dramatic landscapes.  Finally, I will sit at home, relax, play with my dogs and hang out with my family.

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