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The end of the world in 2012

How many times can the end of the world be predicted and still be believable? What about that time the world was supposed to end in the year 1999? 2000? What about the other 240 times stated and described on this website? The end of the world has been predicted to end since the beginning of time. Believe it or not, there are many people that strongly believe this time around is for real and that we will not be around to celebrate the new year of 2013.

    Christopher Jones is candidate number one. Jones strongly believes that a terrible disaster of some sort will occur in 2012 that will put everyone’s lives in danger UNLESS you buy his book and learn his survival strategies. His reasoning for any ambiguity on the end of the world is that the government doesn’t want to confirm the end of the world (although they know it is the truth) because it would cost them money. People would stop buying cars, homes, jewelry, electronics, and begin only buying the necessities for survival. I find Christopher Jones argument to be somewhat ironic. He is claiming that the government will not release information for fear of loss of money, however, he is informing the public about 2012 in order to “help others survive”, stressing that they can learn to do so by purchasing and reading his book, 2012 Contact. Jones undermines his credibility here because if the government knew the world would be ending, what would money matter to them anymore? If Christopher Jones himself knew the world was ending, why wouldn’t he be handing out his books for free if he was only worried about human survival? Christopher Jones first says the ancient Mayan calendar is proof to his claims. He says they were more advanced 3000 years ago than we are today and that they predicted the exact time the planet will reset. In order to further convey his point, he tells a story of two men. In his story, one man took action when he heard of a disaster and in turn saved himself and his daughter. The other ignored the whole situation and put himself and his family in danger. He then posed the question “Who would you want to end up like?” He ends his argument by claiming he is only here to help us, making his readers think he has the best interest of everyone in mind by saying “I’m not looking for any disciples, all of my research is based on pure, calculated facts.” He urges us to ensure the survival of our loved ones and rid ourselves of our ignorance (like man two in his story). He spends much of the end of his argument convincing the public to buy his book for a price of $47, because it’s a “good price for the truth.”

Lawrence E. Joseph is the second person I researched that believes the world will end in 2012. He thinks this will happen by bursts of radiation from the sun that will penetrate the Earth’s magnetic field and scorch the electrical grid. He suggests we should take the 2012 deadline as a wake up notice and try to figure out a way to rise above it, however, he doesn’t suggest how we should do so. In his book Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation Into Civilization’s End, Lawrence presents his case through scientific evidence of “looming chaos and mass extinction.” In his second book, Aftermath: A Guide to Preparing For and Surviving Apocalypse 2012, Joseph reports outcomes from different investigations from sources like NASA and the National Academy of Sciences to sources such as a shaman conclave in Siberia, and the Cave of the Apocalypse in Greece. He also includes historical research into his argument as well as scenario planning to offer pragmatic advice about how to control the damage should the world come to an end in the year 2012.

Martin J. Rees, theoretical astrophysisist

The final candidate I researched for promotion of the end of the world is Martin J. Rees, a theoretical astrophysicist. Rees has enlarged the boundaries of understanding the physical processes that define the cosmos. In his book, Our Final Hour, Rees claims that we have a 50/50 chance of surviving until year 2100 without a severe setback. He believes that the human population is vulnerable to disruption and that this century may be a defining moment for all of humanity.

These three people, all whom believe that something disastrous is coming for us in 2012, have slightly different ways of presenting their information in order to convince others. Jones uses pathos to persuade us into acting quickly to learn how to save our loved ones as well as ourselves. He does so by telling a narrative of an emotional event to evoke an emotional response. Lawrence E. Joseph uses logos to build credibility. He does so through historical data and statistics, as well as citations from experts and authorities.  Martin J. Rees uses ethos to promote his ideas through his rational and fair minded explanations. His level of expertise allows him to relay an idea without pushing anything on his audience.

After reading through web pages, I am less concerned than I was when I started my research. If anything, any concern I have ever had has been replaced with a conceived notion that anything having to do with the end of the world is just a scheme in order to make money. To me, this is not just about the theory of 2012, but also about other apocalypses that were supposed to happen in previous years. If all of these predictions were correct I would have been long gone or never even born. To me, all the end of the world talk is hoopla. All that has come of these predictions is fear from the public and big fat checks to anyone who takes advantage of that. Movie producers and authors no doubt get psyched up about people trying to foretell the future and when it will come to an abrupt halt.

If I had the chance to know when and how I would die, I would choose not to be told. I try to live my life in a way that if it were to end any second, I would be content with the things I’ve done and the way I have lived thus far. Sure, there are still a lot of things I would like to do before I die, such as marry, have kids, and travel to numerous overseas places, but I would not rush to do it all in the year I have left (marry and have kids at least). If the world is going to end on a certain day, it will be unavoidable and panicking would only take away happiness from the time that I have left.

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