Apocalyse Soon?

Within the last year, I have been hearing of theories of the world ending in 2012. To this day, I have not put much stock in them. The reasoning behind the beliefs range from the Mayans calendar ended in 2012 to confusing scientific reasoning. Three groups that I will focus on in the blog are those who believe in The Orion Prophecy, The Hopi Indian prophecy, and Bible codes that predict the apocalypse.

The Orion Prophesy was originated by Charles Hapgood. According to the Orion Prophesy website, Charles was an established professor, whose theory was rejected by the great scientist. His theory suggests the earth’s poles shift time and a great shift will lead an apocalypse. In order to survive, a group will be created that will collect the proper supplies and materials. It is extremely vague but there is someone to email if you truly want to know more. The group attempts to back-up its arguments with scientific data and interpretation. This data and interpretation is impossible for an average person to understand. I believe this hurts their credibility. In addition, there is no explanation of why Hapgood’s theory was rejected. If truly great scientist reviewed it, there must be some feedback. Finally, the website is poorly designed and thus ruins its source of legitimacy. Overall, this clan is very small for a good reason. It is vague in places where it needs to be descriptive and overly complex where it needs to be simple.

Hopi Indian ending

Hopi Ending

The Hopi Indian Prophecy was created by the Hopi Indian tribe. This prophesy does not precisely state when the apocalypse will occur but describes some events that will precede it. According to Hopi beliefs, there are many cycles to the earth (rock, plant, animal, human). We are currently in the human cycle which ends by fire, that will burn land and ocean and drop ash. Many interpret this great event as the release of an atomic bomb. This entire belief was based around prophesies of the preceding signs. Some signs include, they will make iron roads for Iron horses (railroad), their will be a web in the sky (internet), and they will bring back pieces of the moon. All of their predictions have been fulfilled in some way. These ways may be a stretch, but are comprehensible. This belief is strengthened by the prophesies containing interpretation but have no scientific backing. It is hard to believe an idea that was made by people who passionately believed the sun was a god.

The final belief about the apocalypse is “Bible Codes”. The Bible, the foundation of Christianity, deals with the ending of the world. The bible states signs preceding the world’s end. These signs are spelled out in Revelation and various verses throughout the book. According to believers of Bible Codes, many of the preceding signs have occurred. These signs are often interpreted as natural disasters. The end is predicted as a fire filled experience, in which believers are taken to heaven and non-believers are condemned to hell. This destruction by fire matches multiple apocalyptic beliefs and tends to be a trending ending. This belief may have the greatest following because Christianity is so popular but there is no need to worry. The Bible states that the “final coming” will be unknown. Thus, if people predict 2012, then it cannot occur. In addition, another sign is the Jews and Muslims will be at peace. This is far from happening, so there is no need to worry.

Finally, This is what I would do if I knew the world would be ending in 2012. First, I would drop out of school because it would just be a waste, at that point. Then, I would go home to hang out with all my friends and family. I would sell all my long-term assets and max out my lines of credit to generate as much cash as possible. Then I would play golf everyday, go out every night, and eat at fancy restaurants. I would just try to enjoy life. I would be much less risk averse in my activities because the end is soon.

-A great website for information on 2012 stuff is This.

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