Don’t Be Scared! Be Prepared!

There are two categories that most 2012 end of the world theories fit into: persuasion for prevention or persuasion for preparation.  The majority is geared toward the later and often holds some type of faith agenda (faith goes beyond basic religions but extends to pseudoscience and social assumptions).  After my own investigation into the ‘cognitive landscape’ of the 2012 theories three predictions and their argumentations stood out. The first two fit neatly into the preparation category while the other is all about prevention.The first is Marshall Masters, a former CNN science feature producer (see website here) recently published book Crossing the Cusp: Surviving 
the Edgar Cayce Pole Shift (read first part here). He describes the world ending in December 2012 with first “celestial harbingers” who are followed by total chaos as the world as we know it is brought to its knees in destruction. His proof is the concept of catastrophism (which he relates to Darwinism and Creationism), the Pole shift theory, and a crop circle presented in 2008 in Wiltshure, England, which was the warning signs from our friends ‘out there’.

Alien's warning for the end of the world

This apocalyptic tale is ironically one full of hope as this his publication is a how to manual on surviving the transition into a new age. His approach is one of the traditional prophetic message: enlightened messenger brings awareness of ultimate doom => holds the solution in his message => one must only believe to be saved. His messianic angle seems very effective, as his reviews (link here to Google reviews) are all praise for his hope and encouragement to the reader. Masters ultimately claims the meek as the surviving party for this catastrophe for both humble acknowledging the signs and preparing for the fate to come.

The second is an extreme blogger whose name is not present with their only line book, 21.12.2012 Prophecy End of the World, talks at length about the quantum physics of why the world will end. Their prediction is following the “winder sun in 2012” there will be 72 days of chaos that will result in a worse birth of the first new age of a new “precessional age”.  It will be worse than that of the Noah flood and the destruction of Atlanta as this will not be a partial destruction of the world but a full-scale ascension of the earth. Man will be destroyed; just the un-justified existence of the Neanderthals, and their false definition of justice will be replaced by a new race “thriving on justice”. Humans today have an opportunity through this ascension of the earth also ascend though it is their personal responsibility and only attainable if their soul is “in tune with the Higher will” and the environment. The presentation of their message is extremely thoughtful and well written. The tone is one of “duh” as the evidence they present is so overwhelming and grounded on physics (to the point that I was lost) that his rhetorical questions function as emotional and thought provoking. The Achilles-heel in the argument is the author fails to claim his own argument. Despite the seemingly intelligent proof, I have no idea who this guy is and if he is even a physicist. Also if this was such a big deal… why didn’t he print the book and win an award for it (it’s a ton of math)? His claims also founded on the Bible and the myth of Atlanta making his scientific argument fall into pseudoscience.The final group is commonly known as the anti-CERN brigade (Facebook group). This organization is highly concerned with the CERN newest experiment. The CERN a European research group has developed a machine that slams atoms together basically recreating the start of the Big Bang. As a result of these collisions millions of tiny black holes emerge. Some predict that once the machine is switched on the black holes will result in the earth being smashed down into a blob of matter, a real apocalypse. Charging the CERN with a god complex they hope to stop the end of the world through legal means stopping the impending doom brought on by a 7-mile long machine. See the news articles about them here and here.

Each author has a different way of approaching the same argument for why you should know that the world is ending. They call on the same general evidence of the maya, Bible, scientists, physics, alien theories and the like but utilize it to different extent focusing and presenting with different tones and angles.  I am  still not concerned about the coming year 2012. All of these claims are made by non-experts and their rhetoric is very much tided to unprovable evidence such as the bible, myth, and aliens. With this new knowledge of 2012 I will most likely enjoy the New Year but will not be acting any differently. I believe that you should live life with a balance that every breath may be your last but with an expectation for the future. I plan on keeping that medium, and if the end is coming… let it come with a bang!

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