Earth… Expiring in 2012.

Since the coming and going of Y2K, the conversations about the end of the world in 2012 have increased exponentially. There are numerous roots for these theories, going all the way back to the Chinese I-Ching theories from ancient manuscripts, or the Mayan “long-count calendar,” which predicts that the world will end on December 21st of 2012.

The foreshadowing calendar itself.

There are many varying theories on what exactly will happen and how it will happen, but most depict some sort of drastic change or the end of the world all together. Ranging from astronomy theories based on some factual evidence to a zombie takeover, there are plenty of theories on how the world will end.

Websites such as attempt to cover all sorts of 2012 theories. In addition to the theories relating to old religions such as Mayans, Chinese, and Native Americans, there are some other interesting theories. One interesting purposal is the government conspiracy theory. It traces all the way back to the Freemasons and Illuminati brotherhood.

Neo may have some company after the 2012 takeover......

According to this theory, these brotherhoods have infiltrated the highest levels of our government with a master plan in mind. This master plan consists of creating a one-government, one-religion world order, and implanting a microchip into every citizen to “keep tabs” on them.

Another 2012 theory is based on astronomy. Patrick Geryl is a famous theorist who began doing intensive research on the 2012 apocalypse after learning the Mayan claendar theories. He believes that the Galactic Alignment (the time when the December solstice Sun aligns with the equator) will cause a drastic reversal of the poles and cause “all hell to break loose.” This alignment only occurs once every 26,000 years, and this is what Geryl believes the Mayans were pointing to in their calendar. Geryl wrote his last book in 2006, and has since spent his time organizing survival groups.

Another theory, which is perhaps the most outlandish I’ve researched, is the zombie apocalypse theory. This is a long and complex theory which makes plenty of assumptions, each one more absurd than the next. It starts with the theory that the Spanish Flu will make a comeback, and nobody will be immune except humans born before 1930. After this virus weakens the population, our immune systems will be more susceptible to parasites that cause our brain to rot, and put victims into a zombie-like state. These “zombies” would then roam the world terrorizing survivors and searching for food. This theory also says that with the spread and severity of the virus, the reanimation of dead corpses is possible. It’s also possible that this theory is a sarcastic one, and I sincerely hope it is. This theory simply makes non-existent connections and attempts to justify them with big words and references to unproven scientific hypotheses.

After this research, I am siginificantly less worried about the 2012 apocalypse. I found that while reading these articles, I took an extrememly sarcastic view to all of them, and found issues in every argument made. The theories also never referenced actual evidence in more than the vaguest of terms.

If the world was definitely going to end in December of 2012, I would certainly attempt to experience some crazy things such as skydiving. However, I would primarily focus on spending as much as time with my freinds and my family as possible, because they are what I cherish most in this life. I’ll continue to cherish them whether my life ends in 2012 or 2072.

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