Going Out With A Bang!

The common trend in apocalyptic theories nowadays focuses on the Long Mayan Calendar, which marks December 21st, 2012 as the end of the calendar cycle. However, the interpretation of this “end time” is varied, contributing to a wide array of speculation as to how the world would eventually end. Nancy Lieder, John Major Jenkins, and Alexei Dmitriev are three apocalyptic theorists who offer their own unique view on the end of the world.

In 1995, Nancy Lieder claimed that she possessed the ability to receive and interpret messages from extra-terrestrials residing in the Zeta Reticuli star system via a communications implant in her brain. With this “divine” gift, Lieder apparently believe that Earth is set on a disastrous collision course with a large planetary object, Planet X (Nibiru) in December 2012. Specifically, the collision would put a stop to Earth’s rotation for exactly 5.9 days, consequently destabilizing and initiating a physical pole shift caused by the magnetic attraction between Planet X and Earth. The apparent pole shift would result in the displacement of Earth’s crust, causing frequent earthquakes, massive tidal waves, high winds, and potential firestorms. Lieder believes that we should focus on post-apocalyptic survival by stressing teamwork, food (hydroponics, seed bank), shelter, rudimentary health care.

John Major Jenkins is a self-professed “independent” researcher of the Maya, who proposes a galactic alignment theory for the apocalyptic end on December 21st, 2012. Galactic alignment is essentially a rare planetary alignment at the galactic equator that happens every 25,000 years, which causes a shift in the magnetic makeup of the aligned planets. Consequently, the Earth would experience a shift in magnetic poles, resulting in mass destruction via super volcanoes, melting of polar ice cap and turbulent climate changes.

Alexei Dmitriev: A solar storm may lead to our an apocalyptic end.

Astrophysicist Alexei Dmitriev is a strong proponent for the solar storm theory, which asserts that our sun and solar system is currently moving into a turbulent interstellar energy cloud. The energy cloud essentially excites the atmospheres of the planets and our sun. The excitatory stimulus would cause the sun to produce much larger and more frequent solar storms. The earth would also experience more earthquakes, drastic weather changes, a knockout of electrical power, and an end to all forms of modern communication. To survive in a post-apocalyptic world, people must prepare for self-efficacy in a world of anarchy.

While Lieder, Jenkins, and Dmitriev all agree that the world will experience massive structural change through magnetic interference, they differ in terms of mechanism and credibility. In terms of apocalyptic mechanism, Lieder believes in the Nibiru collision, Jenkins believes in the perfect alignment of all of the planets and the sun in our solar system, and Dmitriev asserts the end is a consequence of an interstellar energy cloud. In terms of credibility, Lieder and Jenkins are lacking. Lieder is a non-scientist claiming divine and prophesying powers. However, she prophesied the end in 2003, but it never came. Clearly, the 2003 failed prophesy coupled with falsified scientific evidence (images of the Planet X were actually another planet) even coming into the proximity of Earth has discredited her assertions. Jenkins’ assertions lack scientific evidence because he rejects the conclusions of modern science, while trying to appear as an “independent” scholar at the same time. The contradiction is furthered when he publicly denounces the 2012 apocalyptic idea, while his writings reflect otherwise. His longtime trouble with hallucinogens further discredits his findings. On the contrary, Dmitriev bolsters his credibility with a doctorate in astrophysics. Furthermore, Dr. Dmitriev supports his claims by using hard scientific evidence (ex: satellites reveal movement towards interstellar cloud). Dr. Dmitriev’s findings are also supportive of NASA original 2012 solar storm warning issued back in March of 2006, which could be found here.

After an hour of extensive research into apocalyptic theory, I am less concerned about 2012 than when I first started conducting the research for three reasons. Most of the theories lack convincing scientific evidence. Second, the historical track record for doomsday theories has proven that we are still here. Finally, most of the theorists are not respectable leaders in a professional field. However, if I knew the world was definitely ending in December 2012, I would spend more time with my family and friends. I would like to complete my wish list as well. Since money is no longer a factor, a nice vacation to Hawaii seems rather tempting. Relaxing on a white sandy beach while looking at an incoming tsunami might actually not be a bad way to go out with a bang. Aloha!

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