Its the Aliens, Man

So when speaking about a 2012 end of the world situation, the first thing that pops to everyone’s mind is MAYANS. These historic Native Americans which still thrive in America today are the whole reason that people are caught up in the 2012 scare in the first place! According to the Mayan Calendar, this “cycle” of the world began in 3114 B.C. and is scheduled to end somewhere at the end of 2012. To top that on that exact same day the Earth is going to align with the center of the Milky Way for the Winter Solstice. Supposedly this will cause all sorts of natural disasters to wipe human life off the face of the Earth!

While this all sounds good in theory, there are a couple things a critical eye can take away from this. First off, the Mayans don’t believe this was the first cycle. And we have fossil evidence that life existed before and through 3114 B.C. If there was a serious wipe out of life on the Earth then there would be a serious lack of fossil evidence during that time period. Also, the fact that it aligns with the winter solstice means absolutely nothing because when you think about it, the winter solstice occurs during June on the other hemisphere. So the world will end in Australia 6 months after everywhere else?

Another 2012 scare is the Chinese “I-Ching”. What started as a simple fortune telling device turned into a serious scare when a man named Terence McKenna discovered a pattern in the device that coincided with major events such as the fall of the Roman Empire, Columbus finding America, and both World Wars. And the next prediction is due on the same day as the Mayan Calendar predicted the end of the world! Coincidence? Perhaps. But again this theory must be viewed under a critical eye. A man came up with a pattern that “predicted” events in the past that also coincided with the 2012 Apocalypse. If there was ever a reason to make a pattern to fit what you want it to fit, this is it. There are plenty of other major events in the world and his pattern doesn’t fit them. So it could be legitimate, but it could also be a sad little man grabbing for attention.

An everyday I-Chang fortune telling device

Last but certainly not least we can’t forget the people who believe in the ancient writings of Nostradamus. In a supposedly hidden paper, Nostradamus repeated a symbol resembling an eight-spoked wheel, each point representing a major occurrence in the world. And yup, you guessed it, one is pointed straight for 2012! Other predictions were the life of Napoleon and Hitler as well as the discovery of the Atom Bomb and President Kennedy’s assassination. Looked under a critical eye there are many similarities with the I-Ching scare. The book was “discovered” in 1982, well after the already predicted occurrences. Also, there were 3 different handwriting styles in the text. Suspicious enough for you?

After reviewing all these 2012 theories I have come to my conclusion on the Apocalypse. Whether or not the world really does end on December 21st, 2012, people really wish it would. People everywhere draw weird connections all pointing to the same date and the general vibe is that the world almost wants these people to be correct. Just to stick it to all those nay-sayers. And, if by some chance the world was going to end in 2012 and there was indisputable proof to back it up, I would spend the remainder of my days in a mountainous area, fishing and enjoying nature while it still lasts.

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