Let’s be serious here…the end of the world? Probably not

The idea of the end of the world is becoming more and more popular. As media catches up with the thought of the apocalypse people begin to panic. According to the Mayan Calendar the end is near. There have been many varied beliefs about when the world will end, how and for what reasons. The 2012 scare is based on a few different theories, most of them revolve around the Mayan calendar, the bible and astronomical “evidence”.  A few theories are based on scientific evidence, but most seem to be made up of completely random facts and stories.

The Mayan Calendar is one of the most wide spread apocalyptic theories. Most people simply see the calendar and begin to panic when they see the “end date”.

Maybe the Mayan Calendar wasn't meant to be that scary...

The problem with this frantic scare, is that most people haven’t fully researched the origin behind the calendar, believing that the world is coming to an end because the calendar ended, rather than learning that the Mayans never attached an apocalyptic date to their calendar. The calendar simply ended in 2012 and another one was meant to be created. In fact, the Mayan culture celebrates the end of a calendar to welcome and bring the new “Long Count” Calendar in to the culture. It seems that the Mayans never intended for their calendar to be an apocalyptic theory. Instead people have misread and misunderstood a culture created a social phenomenon.

Writer Patrick Geryl, is of another belief. Geryl has written nine books since the rise of the apocalyptic theories. He however does not side with those that believe in the Mayan Calendar. His theories are purely scientific, as he calls them. According to Geryl the world will end in 2012 due to the Fulx changes. His astronomical proof has lead him to believe that sun spots are changing rapidly and dangerously. This revolves around the change of the magnetic field of the sun. Although Geryl’s views do have some scientific proof, including graphs showing the rise in the F10.7 flux, NASA has proven him wrong by showing that by the tilt of the earth every certain amount of years there is always a shift in the sun spots, and while dangerous, they still do not pose a real threat to the earth, and certainly will not wipe out human kind. However if you feel at all persuaded by Geryl’s claims he has posted videos and articles and is prepared to help you Survive 2012.

Another theory that has created much controversy between cultures are the predictions and readings of Nostradamus. This theorist believes that a comet will strike the earth and wreak havoc on all those who are still inhabiting it. He also believed in the possibility of an Antichrist and a third world war happening between 2011-2012.  Slightly different from the others, Nostradamus still predicts the ending of the world. Some are more persuaded to believe the findings of Nostradamus because of other predictions from his prophecies. Some believe that he foretold 9-11 and The Great Fire of London in 166.

Although there are many different theories about 2012 I am fairly confident that none of them will happen. Over the years there have been many of apocalyptic scares including the judgment day that past this May. All have so far proven wrong. What makes these any different? I believe that a main cause of this view of the “end of the world” has been spread by the media. As the date 2012 becomes closer and closer there have been more books, films, and TV programs, including the films 2012ContagionApocalypto, and  I am Legend.

Roland Emmerich's 2009 film, "2012"

These are all revolved around an apocalyptic ending of world. This has caused fear among the people and created unnecessary fright.  I still do not believe in the end of the world, but maybe that’s also because I want to keep living and I want to continue to learn and be around the people I love. So if it’s up to me this is one big hoax and this December I’ll wake up in my bed, in my room surrounded by the people I love. But if i knew the world was ending tomorrow I’d go home to see my family, because even if we were all going to die, is there anything we can do about it? Aren’t you supposed to live life to its fullest anyways? I would hope so…


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