Lets live like you we are dying…but we aren’t!

Among the many 2012 believers, the most sticking to me were Mel Gibson, Lil Wayne, and Woody Harrelson.

Lil Wayne, Mel Gibson, and Woody Harrelson all believe different types of theories for the end of the world. Lil Wayne and Mel Gibson though do seem to agree that the Mayan Calendar has something to do with the end. Woody Harrelson on the other hand felt that the destruction that we as humans are doing to the earth is going to slowly destruct us. Lil Wayne for example clearly does not know what he is saying, and it is shown when he answers to interviewers questions.

The fact that these three individuals are famous, and with the opening of their mouth can have thousands of people following them, and believing that what they think is correct is ridiculous. It shows me that they easily influence society with thoughts that are most of the time bogus. 

What our world won't look like...

After reading these webpages I am no more concerned about 2021 than before because before reading more in depth into the subject, I knew that the end of the world or 2012, as some people call it, was not a topic of either my interest, or my worry. For me I personally looked at the whole idea as one that was made up, and done so by people with nothing better to do than to think about how we are all going to die. Maybe they are upset with their lives and want to get it over with? I don’t know, but personally I find it a tad absurd to loath around researching how the world is going to spontaneously combust, killing all of us.

If I knew for sure that the end of the world was going to be December 2012, there would be few changes that I would do to my current lifestyle. I already live each day to the most, with the occasional boring day, or lazy day, but mainly I would change my work and school load. I would definitely cut down on the hours I am taking, probably stepping down to a part-time student, and I would work a job, but also be part-time there. My reason for this is that if there is a set date as to when the world is going to end, which in this case would be December 2012, that mean I have around 448 days to see everyone, and spend time with all the people that have both impacted my life, and that I want to visit with/catch up with before the end.

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