Only One More Year on Earth Guys…

There will always be crazy ideas out in the world. Whether it’s someone claiming Jesus is on their grilled cheese, or that the world will end in the year 2012. Sorting through these ideas however, sheds a new light on exactly how crazy some people are. Some people say solar storms will destroy the earth, or that earthquakes will separate the core. Some believe the theory that the Mayan calendar ending predicts the end of the world. People have even found mathematical formulas that supposedly figures out the world’s expiration date: December 21st, 2012. However, because there is no real evidence of these theories, many of them contradict each other. Some theorists even contradict themselves. Let’s explore what some of these “scientists” have to say, and their advice on “how to survive 2012”.

Patrick Geryl is quite a character, or “researcher” as he likes to be called. He claims that he has found absolute proof to his theory that the world will end. In his much anticipated book “The World Cataclysm 2012” Geryl explains that the F10.7 Flux readings are acting in unusual ways. This activity is proof that the sunspots are changing in dramatic and dangerous ways. Geryl, however, is not very convincing. The information was so hard to understand and made so little sense that it was literally hard to summarize for this blog. It is apparent that he is trying to confuse his audience and seem so scientific and knowledgeable that we just accept what he is saying. He also did not show any data or other sources backing up his claim, or quote any scientists. He simply took graphs posted by NASA and interpreted them in bizarre and confusing ways. But no worries about the whole blowing up to pieces in 2012, because if you have 10,000 dollars to give to Patrick Geryl, you’ll survive! The money goes to cement bunkers that he will build above sea level and away from the harsh winds. The money will also be needed for materials, seeds (apparently that is what we will live off of…) and “essential equipment to start a mini-civilization”. Geryl’s website is a good place for people to check out more information on the upcoming events slowly leading to t

In the movie "2012", the world's surface breaks open, killing most of the population.

he world’s end, how it will happen exactly, and how to get through it.

Another man with a theory he swears by is Lawrence E. Joseph. On his website, Joseph claims the world will end because of solar flares that will climax at extreme rates in 2012. These solar flares will cause a collapse of satellite systems, power grids, incipient plagues, droughts, famines, and extreme global warming. How all those things can possibly be connected, I have no idea. Joseph, however, does have a plan on how to survive these incredible consequences. Unfortunately, you have to buy his book, “AFTERMATH: A Guide to Preparing For And Surviving Apocalypse 2012” to find out. Bummer. Joseph tries to gain credibility by discussing all the books he has written. He also tries to gain credibility by saying that in his book, he quotes directly from NASA and the National Academy of Science, quotes that prove his claim completely. However, we never actually see these quotes on his website. Joseph is trying to create the allusion that he has research and experience in this field, but his little experience and research are so transparent that I would be surprised if he convinces any of his readers.

Daniel Pinchbeck is a firm believer of the world ending in 2012. He believes in the Mayan calendar theory, a theory claiming that the Mayans ended their calendar on December 21st, 2012 because that is the day the world would end, so a calendar wouldn’t really be necessary anymore…The theory is that the sun will align with the milky way in a certain way that will destroy the earth because it will mess with the planet’s energy. He has written a few books and wrote many articles for well-known magazines and journals early in his career. However, he has somewhat of a shady background that makes him, and his theories, lose credibility. He became very into psychedelic substances, and developed a viewpoint that the world today is caught up in materialism. Because of many of his views and beliefs expressed in his books, such as “2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl”, many people are starting to view him as almost crazy, or at least his ideas as crazy.

All of these scientists had aspects in common. They all made claims based on loose evidence and tried to bolster themselves up. They also all share cult-like strategies. They draw you in with an us and them ideology: those who will accept “the truth” and those who will die. They also trap you in. For instance, when Geryl makes his followers pay 10,000 dollars. Who would want to leave after investing that much money? Its basically just one big cult of people who believe the world will end in 2012 and have to create their own mini-civilization while the rest of us perish. However, there were many differences as well. Geryl tried to use an extremely scientific approach with graphs and data to prove its claim. Joseph tried to use scare tactics by describing wide spread disease and destruction to convince and convert people. And Pinchbeck tried to use his theories, ideas and writings to convince people of the wrong direction the world is heading, and how it should change.

After researching the world ending in 2012, I am so much more convinced that it is not going to happen. I realized how fake the little data supporting it really is. Also, I realized how much of a cult the whole thing was, and how the “researchers” were like their leaders. Not only is it based on no real evidence, but the people coming up with the ideas are mostly doing it for profit or fame. However, if the world really was going to end in 2012, the first thing I would do is drop out of school. Not that I hate school or anything, but it would just be pointless to have one year of college under your belt, then die. You go to college to start a career. I would also spend more time with my family and close friends. I wouldn’t worry about unimportant things and I would try to have fun in the last year on earth!


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